Rockford’s debut album “Experiments In Electricity & Light” - Ten songs with mix-tape uniqueness. What welds the album’s feel together is this band’s way of building sound from simple parts overlaid in creative and interesting ways, the spaces between the notes, the way the tone breathes, the nods to influences like: Television, The Dream Syndicate and Crazy Horse. Go to Catalog page to buy vinyl or CD.

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Rockford "Experiments In Electricity & Light"

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They've been friends a long time. They practice in the back of a pawn shop somewhere in Southern California. Earthquake country. You heard they're playing live. It's a good room to play in. Old friends will be there. There's a great band they're playing with. You're sitting at the bar. The sun's not down yet. They're loading in, setting up. It's an early set. The drummer counts off the first tune. The ground shakes. 

Rockford plays amplified music built of two guitars, bass and drums. 

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